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For Painting is Reclaiming.


Ongoing project applying the concept of re-vision, as theorized by Adrienne Rich, to contemporary visual arts in Japan and Spain.


A preliminary version of this paper has been presented at the Spring Symposium of the Department of History of Art (OSU, 2016).

The Kasuga Deer Mandala.


Ongoing project analyzing the multiple depictions of the Kasuga Deer Mandala and interpret its iconography from the point of view of Japanese Buddhist semiotics.

Chinese Art Exhibitions in Spain, 1939-1990.


Ongoing project reconstructing the exhibition practices, the history and the international relationships between Spain and China during the Francoist dictatorship and the beginning of the democracy in Spain.


Preliminary versions of this paper have been presented at the Institute of Chinese Studies Graduate Forum (2015) and the 25th Columbia Conference on East Asia (2016).

Through the Layers of the Earth.


Ongoing project about issues of representability in the nuclear era.